Sensory Tables & Sensory Ideas

Sensory Tables, sand and water tables and sensory ideas for children.
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When purchasing preschool furniture a sensory table should definitely be on your list. Sensory tables provide hours of educational entertainment for little ones. Depending on what you put in them they may get messy at times, but the learning gained from the sensory play the table offers will be well worth the mess.

Preschool Furniture - 5 Fun Uses for Sensory Tables

Weather Sensory Bottles at Twodaloo

Weather Sensory Bottles for Circle Time - Twodaloo

Sensory Tables- Great ways for kids to explore and learn by interaction.

3 Sensory Table Ideas Your Students Will Enjoy

Rice box on light table. Wow! Why didn't I think of this? (lentils, glitter, coloured sand etc)

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Tracing on light table ≈ ≈ For more inspiring pins:

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Worthington Direct

Rainbow and Gold Pom Pom Water Play for St. Patrick's Day

Rainbow and Gold Pom Pom Water Play - Fantastic Fun & Learning

Gross Motor Phonics Games

Gross Motor Phonics Games ~ Learn Play Imagine

Gross motor number recognition game kids will LOVE!

Play with Numbers - Gross Motor Number Game ~ Learn Play Imagine

Fun with Sponges!

Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds: Kid Activities: Fun with Sponges!

How to make rainbow ice for sensory play

Rainbow Ice ~ Learn Play Imagine

Fun Sensory Bin Ideasr

Sensory Bins ~ Growing A Jeweled Rose

The coolest science experiments ever! Cornstarch and water mixture moves to sound so kids can visually experience sound waves.

Dancing Oobleck

sensory smelling bottles to de-sensitize the olfactory sense

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Bubble wrap run

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Simple Indoor Gross Motor Sensory Play

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Rainbow slime for sensory play!

Rainbow Slime Recipe ~ Learn Play Imagine

Sensory bags

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Rainbow Foam Dough recipe. An amazing sensory experience you don't want to miss!

Rainbow Foam Dough

Harvest Sensory Bin - Back in the Hills ≈≈

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House of Burke: Autumn Sensory Bag

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Flower Sensory Bottle (love that it is taped shut!)

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Lid Soup by Teach Preschool

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An invitation to play with watermelon-scented sensory rice! The setup was what really made it fun ;)

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Light table for sensory discovery

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Frog pond sensory table for kids

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