K is for Kawaii

Don't know the word kawaii? You should also know its relationship with the fluffiest, most ridiculous cat ever. I shall name the cat "Harvey.

Creative Life Truths: Being Creative is Hard

My most productive workdays happen when I ask myself 2 seemingly obvious questions

L is for Lugubrious

Lugubrious means to mourn in an exaggerated or affected manner. If that description doesn’t fit Eeyore, I don’t know what term does.

J is for Jest

A jest differs from a joke. The latter aims to cause laughter at no one’s expense. The former, however, almost always mocks a person or event.

Five Fantasy Authors to Share with Your Daughter

Is it just me, or does it seem like popular crime stories are everywhere these days? From the totally addictive podcast Serial (we’re still waiting for season two of Serial, BTW) to the fact that I’m pretty sure you can find episodes of Law & Order…

Work and Worries

When I surrender the worries and the fight, the miracle happens: God battles for me. He shows himself glorious and bright.

I is for Ingenious

Onward with the Alphabet Adventure: Ingenious makes me think of Pinky and the Brain, perhaps because the two mice are the direct opposite of the word.

A Simple Pursuit

7 Bone-Chilling Books To Cure Your Post Halloween Depression Syndrome

Creative Life Truths: Everyone is Creative

This creative life truth probably stands as one of my favorites. Reason: I’ve been arguing the case that everyone is creative for years.

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Wells Fargo bank released an ad this week promoting financial literacy for young people.