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GAHHHH! YES. Like when something happens and you HATE it, but even as you're ranting you KNOW that it couldn't happen any other way. FEELZ.

Sad And Depressing Quotes :imagine wild success.

Dialogue prompt // "Well, then don't kiss me, I need to breathe at some point, and erotic asphyxiation isn't my thing." "Woman, you take my most romantic lines and make them sound perverted!


Bright, shining, orange faceted hair against pitch black skin-- Vada is truly a sight to behold.

milk and honey

Fire & Ice ~ "When you discover your Gift you discover your destiny." ~ A…

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# M I C H I T S E 13 #

badass female character aesthetics: faith lehane, buffy the vampire slayer

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(9) agents of shield | Tumblr

agents of shield

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Blue is the prettiest color of eyes

Her eyes snapped open at the feeling of his fingers on her cheek, her hand shot out and grabbed his wrist.