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WriteShop Reviews

Reviews of WriteShop writing curriculum

WriteShop Reviews

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"Too often, we just tell kids what we want them to write instead of showing them HOW to write. In each WriteShop lesson, you will find mini-lessons designed to help you SHOW your child the craft of writing." | This Reading Mama reviews WriteShop

5 Ways to Get Kids to HATE Writing

"It had plans, hands on activities, and intentionally interesting to children tasks (not to be confused with tasks that adults think are interesting, but actually are dull to kids). And it was all laid out for me. Oh, my golly. I may have giggled." {Grateful for Grace reviews WriteShop Junior E}

My Thoughts on Write Shop Junior Level E Homeschool Writing Program {& a GIVEAWAY!}

"Each writing project comes with variations to either make the assignment easier or more challenging. Having these variable ideas helps me teach each lesson to children who are close in writing ability even though they are in different grade levels." Meet Penny reviews WriteShop Junior D.

How to Use the WriteShop Homeschool Writing Program - Meet Penny

WriteShop | Voted the Schoolhouse Review Crew's favorite writing program for 2014

WriteShop: Schoolhouse Review Crew's 2014 Blue Ribbon Award winner for Favorite Writing Curriculum!

Blue Ribbon Awards 2014!

"This is an amazing and affordable program. Julia and I had so much fun creating a fable and writing an adventure story." {Thou Shall Not Whine: WriteShop Junior Book E Review }

"I love the friendly approach that makes writing fun." {WriteShop Primary Book B review gr. 1-3}

Family, Faith, and Fridays: WriteShop- TOS Crew Review

Cathy Duffy reviews WriteShop I and II: "WriteShop is a great resource for parents who lack confidence in their own ability to teach their students to write."

Regardless of whether you are a good writer yourself, teaching someone else how to write can be quite a challenge, especially if that someone else happens to be your child. Fortunately, WriteShop takes all the pain out of the process. #homeschool #writing #hsreviews

"One of the chief benefits of WriteShop...was to encourage a culture of writing." {WriteShop Primary B review from Delivering Grace}

"WriteShop is not just about your child putting pencil to paper. It teaches students how to write using a variety of pre-writing activities and games, graphic organizers, and kid-friendly methods so that writing is easy and fun – even for reluctant writers." {Write Shop Book E Review at Delightful Learning}

WriteShop Junior Homeschool Writing

"We really love that this writing curriculum does not force the child to learn faster than their comprehension can keep up." {WriteShop Primary Book A review}

Munchkin and Bean: WriteShop Review

"Because of the assistance and ideas I found from WriteShop, my son has ENJOYED writing creative stories... I am tearing up as I type this." {Review - WriteShop Primary}

Erica @ Confessions of a Homeschooler reviews WriteShop StoryBuilders writing prompt card decks: "They’ve been a HUGE help on days when they kids just can’t come up with an idea to write about."

WriteShop Junior Book D - writing curriculum for 3rd-5th grade || Includes plenty of hands on activities and games to keep you busy, but no pointless busy work!

Ella begs me to do this book with her! She loves making up stories and WriteShop has helped her to find a focus in her writing. As a result of using this book, she wants to write every day! (WriteShop Primary Book A review)

A homeschool dad reviews WriteShop Primary: "WriteShop is a complete writing program that actually begins with younger students - as young as kindergarten... It's flexible, it's easy to use ... an innovative approach!"

WriteShop breaks the writing process into manageable chunks and throws in fun activities and crafts. This in my opinion is a recipe for success! The proof for me was hearing both boys enthusiastically say that WriteShop is one of their favourite parts of school! {Review: Book B}

StoryBuilders are meant to be a springboard for creative stories when your child has difficulty coming up with something new. What I love most is that they will broaden Ella's vocabulary.

I believe this one will have to go into my top 10 favorites

My daughter loves WriteShop Junior Book D and has consistently ASKED for her lessons (this is always a huge bonus to have children motivated to do their work)

I must honestly say that WriteShop is one of my favorite curriculums thus far. The lessons are thorough but simple enough for my struggling readers to be able to complete without frustration. | WriteShop Primary Book B - review

Luv'n Lambert Life: TOS Review: WriteShop

WriteShop Jr. Review | One feature of [Book D] that the boys have really enjoyed is the games to reinforce learning."

Write Shop Junior, Book D - Day By Day in Our World

The Fold-N-Go Grammar pack is my favorite part of this program ... I highly recommend it! | REVIEW of WriteShop Junior D

The Fruit of Her Hands: Write Shop Junior

This level of writing instruction has worked out to be perfect for us. I love how the questions get more advanced and increase in number very gradually throughout the course. | WriteShop Primary Book A (K-1) Review {via Bow of Bronze}