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constantstreamofdebauchery: Don’t be nervous, darling. You’re beautiful. Perhaps too late for my target era of Before the War for this blog collection due to the suspenders, but how often do you get a handsome young vintage chap in stockings turn up on your dash, I couldn’t resist. Back to Edwardians and earlier next time, you have my word.

Antique Erotic, constantstreamofdebauchery: Don’t be nervous,...

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Vintage lesbian couple 1920s Photos from Katrina Arango ~Queen Of Lesbian Romance & Erotica (Katrina Arango ~Queen Of Lesbian Romance & Erotica) on Myspace


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Vintage Lesbians

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The following is a photo tribute to gay couples from the late 19th century and first half of the 20th Century.


Packard 1941

Lou Packard

Frida Diego

Art Frida

Viva Frida

Frida Calo Art

By Diego

Frida Pics

Comme Frida

I love this picture!!!!


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Gay Families Marriage

Marriage Equality

In these times gay adoption was out of the question and beagles were all the rage.

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Maudelynn's Menagerie

Gay Rights

Human Rights

Equal Rights

Rights True

Rights People

Taught Religion

Religion Lgbt

Teaching Religion

Religion Hate

You were taught wrong. I was not born wrong.

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First Gay Reich — Teens in Love - Vintage Gay Teens


BuzzFeedfrom BuzzFeed

Adorable Vintage Photographs of Gay Couples

Vintage Gay Photos

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vintage lesbians

Adorable Vintage Photographs of Gay Couples

Brassai Gyula Halász

Brassai Halasz

Brassaï Gyula

Brassai Paris

Photography Pre 1950

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Brassaï, Bal homosexuel au Magic City, 1933

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homo, gay, vintage

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Though the Trilby hat - and the amateur photography as a hobby - may place this a little outside the pre-war era I aim to collect here, I couldn’t resist including this delightfully frivolous pucker-up for the camera! I suspect the box he’s holding is the case he carries it in, proving this is from the time of smaller more affordable photographic equipment, for the enthusiast rather than the professional.

Antique Erotic, Though the Trilby hat - and the amateur...

Siegfried Sassoon

Poet Siegfried

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Siegfried Sassoon and Stephen Tennant

Saved by

Roger Wilson

Barbette Man

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This is Barbette. Acrobat, Drag Queen, contemporary of Man Ray, Jean Cocteau, Josephine Baker, Picasso, and at one time the toast of Paris in the 1920s. Born in 1899 in Texas. After touring with Vaudeville shows around the nation, he moved to Paris and quickly became immensely popular, noted for taking his wig off at the act, thereby breaking the illusion.

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Two Affectionate Men Real Photo Postcard.

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Street Magistrates

Magistrates Court

Frederick Park

Frederick William

Shocked Victorian

Victorian Working

Fanny Stella

Stella Aka

Park Stella

Ernest Boulton (Stella) and Frederick William Park (Fanny) were two Victorian cross-dressers who appeared as defendants in a celebrated trial in London in 1871 when they were charged "with conspiring and inciting persons to commit an unnatural offence". After the prosecution failed to establish a crime had been committed, both men were acquitted.

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Frederick Park

Frederick William

Victorian Transvestites

Transvestites Dressed

Park Dressed

Park Fanny

Class Gentlemen

Ernest Boulton

William Park

Fanny and Stella two Victorian Transvestites (Dressed as their original gender in this photo) who were arrested and released but not before a sensational case where over a 1,000 people come to see them at trial.

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Homo History: The One That I Love

Homo History: The One That I Love

Novel Valley

Susann S

Jacqueline Susann

American Novelist

Carole Landis

Decades Rumors

Rumors Began

Fur Coats

North Character

Jacqueline Susann was an American novelist. Her most famous work is Valley of the Dolls. For decades, rumors have persisted that Susann was bisexual. The rumors began around 1945, when Susann appeared in A Lady Says Yes with Carole Landis. The two reportedly had an affair and some claim that Susann modeled the Jennifer North character in her novel, Valley of the Dolls, after Landis. According to Susann's biographer, the affair had begun when Landis bought her earrings and a fur coat.

reviews_and_ramblings | Jacqueline Susann & Carole Landis

Roosevelt Valkill

Roosevelt Family

Eleanor Roosevelt

Presidents Eleanor

Travel Presidents

Nancy Cook

Nancy Dell'Olio

32Nd President

President Franklin

Eleanor Roosevelt & Nancy Cook

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Actress 1921

Film Actress

Jean Acker S

Jean Acker was an American actress with a career dating from the silent film era through the 1950s. She was perhaps best known as the estranged wife of Rudolph Valentino. After divorcing Valentino in 1923, Acker met Chloe Carter, a former Ziegfeld Follies girl with whom she would remain for the rest of her life. The couple owned an apartment building together in Beverly Hills. Acker died of natural causes in 1978 and is buried next to Carter in the Holy Cross Cemetery in Culver City…

reviews_and_ramblings | Chloe Carter & Jean Acker

Pride Marches

Dance 1970S

Life Equality

Photograph Kay

Photos Brain

Lesbain History

Pride Rally

March June

Vintage Gay

Philadelphia's first Gay Pride rally and march, June 11, 1972

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Lesbian couple's wedding 1950's

Celebrate Love!

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Roman Silver

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Sterling Silver

The Warren Cup, a 1st Century AD Roman banqueting cup, features two finely wrought low-relief sculptures of male couples making love. Once a closely guarded secret treasure, it now belongs to the British Museum.

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