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    Paper Crafts for Mother's Day

    Kayte Terry – visual communication manager at Anthropologie and the author of the new book, “Paper Made!: 101 Exceptional Projects to Make Out of Everyday Paper” – connected with The Wall Street Journal to show how to make Mother’s Day goodies out of some of her very favorite paper … The Wall Street Journal! Below, she shows us how to make a pretty gift box. And here, she shows us how to make a Mother's Day card: Click through to read Katherine Rosman's story.

    Paper Crafts for Mother's Day

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    The finished gift box, with the paper rosette pasted on top.

    1) To make a paper gift box, take two paper squares -- one that is 8-square inches and another than is just a hair smaller ( 7-and-7/8-square inches). Fold the square in half, making a distinct crease. Open the square and fold it the other way too, making a second crease. (Follow these instructions for both boxes.)

    2) Fold all four corners to the center, creasing all edges. Then unfold two opposing sides.

    3) Create a rectangular shape by folding sides, the long way, toward the middle.

    4) This is the hardest step: partially unfold the rectangle and pinch the creases (as shown) to created the box's sides. (All the creases you have made by folding should be helpful guides.)

    5) Fold the sides and tuck them into the box's base. Do on both sides. Then repeat all of these steps on the smaller square of paper. The smaller square will make the bottom of the box and should fit into the lid.

    6) To make the rosette, cut three quarter-inch strips of newspaper and fold them (the short way) accordion-style. Then fold the accordion down the middle. Then glue the three folded stops together to make a circle. Glue it to the box top!