Whittney Stanfield

Whittney Stanfield

Whittney Stanfield
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THAT girl.

Life tried to break the girl, but it didn't succeed. The girl is stronger and larger than life itself.


This is the pathway to healing. Stop needing to be right. Everyone I care to convince I have been wronged already knows the truth. Gotta let it go!

No apologies whatsoever.

I make no apologies for how I chose to repair what you broke. This is what I am saying the next time my past is thrown in my face by anyone. I chose to heal and repair my way especially after how you chose to break me. What you did was not my fault.


I wonder when the day will come I'll no longer be constantly trying to prove myself to myself. Story of my life


It seems that I am always sighing about the past, or holding my breath for the future, and forgetting to breathe for today.

Love this tattoo.....

Not my style but it is a pretty tattoo Love Heart Tattoo Sick tattoo design. butterfly tattoos for foot Inspirational .

"and in time, this too shall pass" I used to hate it when my mom said this--now I see the truth of it--but not enough to tattoo it. (That bird is awfully cute, though.

this would be an awesome tattoo for me and my sister it would symbolize that our friendship(the heart) will live on forever(infinity symbol). Ooooh I think I found my tattoo idea yeakley