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Nayoung Wooh (Obsidian), "To the Moon"

Art by Obsidian

Wooh Nayoung <3

Oriental Painting Jigsaw Puzzle 'Mu Dan Flower Woman' 2000 Pc Made In Korea

Diệp Kỳ Phi - Tàng Kiếm

Diệp Kỳ Phi - Tàng Kiếm

By Ibuki Satsuki

Thiên Sách Y Xuy: Hoa Phượng

by Ibuki Satsuki

Chinese art。

Chinese art。

伊吹五月 漫画 手绘 动漫 插画 于睿画像

by 伊吹五月 Chinese art

古风手绘插画 离城

Antique hand-painted illustrations from the city

Ibuki Satsuki, I really love her art <3

(Y) Ibuki Satsuki

Môn phái: Thiên Sách - Game: VLTK 3D - Minh họa: Ibuki Satsuki

This reminds me of a Waterhouse painting, where the knight on the horse leans down to kiss his woman