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Dayton, OH  ·  The Ohio SBDC at Wright State is here to help you start your business, grow your business and stay in business.
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Wright Venture Student Business Plan Competition is coming, April 21st, 2015.

Wright Venture Student Business Plan Competition is coming, April

intuit quickbooks: small business, big game. WSU SBDC client, The Home Store, in the running for Super Bowl ad.  Give them a vote!

We all know that small businesses drive our economy, but rarely stand in the national spotlight. Small Business Big Game was one way Intuit

New tools to teach kids about money

When you have a lot of money and debt, you have two options: repay the debt or invest the money. Read the pros and cons of to find a median between dept repair and personal finance investments.

I'm Putting Up the Flag - Because in this country, I can be what I want to be and start a business of my own if I choose too.  Why are you putting up the flag?  You are putting up the flag aren't you?

A man reflects on why he's puttin' up the flag, and the freedom it symbolizes. As we approach Memorial Day in America, let's try to remember that it may not

Mobile application development. Create iPhone and mobile apps | Magmito

Magmito is a mobile application generator that is easy-to-use and helps its users produce rich and engaging eco-apps that can be viewed on any mobile phone, from Android to iPhone and everything in between.

How to pick a merchant account provider.

What is a high risk merchant? In credit card processing business, the companies that provide merchant accounts consider some merchants “riskier” than others. These companies may be unwilling to do business with merchants they consider high risk -We Can Ge

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About Bandwagons...