Patterns, Function & Algebra

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Patterns, Function & Algebra

Patterns, Function & Algebra

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Use this simple, but powerful powerpoint to review number patterns with your class!

Number Patterns PowerPoint

This is an interactive Notebook 11 file to help students learn pattern rules. The Pattern Machine shows numbers going in and numbers coming out....

Pattern Machine Game Interactive SMARTboard Activity Gr 3-4

Free...Questions About My Graph! sassyinsecond.blo...

Sassy in Second

Get Kids Active While Learning Math

Twister Math


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A Game of Functions (Young Math series) - Must. Get.

The Map is Not the Territory: Sidewalk Math: Functions!

Math Vocabulary Cards: Algebra, Patterns, and Functions

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Teaching math with art is a good way to help kids understand abstract concepts like the properties of math.

Teaching Math With Art

A great math video for teaching about properties.

Math Properties

Properties of Math Foldable

Math Foldable

free posters: math properties

The Enlightened Elephant

Growing or Repeating?! When we talk about skip counting with our kids, we explain how the numbers “grow”. Before we get too deep into “growing numbers”, we illustrate this concept by talking about growing patterns. Since my kids were having a little trouble understanding the difference between growing and repeating, we practiced the concept every morning {quickly} during our morning meeting and then completed this fun little activity the following week in their math tubs. I gave them a tu...

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Waldorf Math Lesson: Circle Multiplication Table We have been using these for skip counting without the "times" vocabulary. Ava loves the patterns!

Waldorf Math Lesson: Circle Multiplication Table

Beginning-of-year lesson ties in math patterns and the uniqueness of our names... demonstrated on the document camera.

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Waldorf ~ 2nd grade ~ Math ~ Multiplication Circle Patterns ~ 12 Line Times Table Game ~ video

circle pattern and 12 line times table game

Learn Fun Math Patterns on a Number Wheel: Threes & Sevens

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Candy Corn Math Printables-patterns, sorting, graphing

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math center: presidential patterns using coins

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Math Patterns, Skip Counting by Sevens

Speed! - Patterns in the Cards - Seven Speed

math graphic organizer for number patterns

Gearin Up with Number Grids

math journal-patterns and algebra

Math Journal Sundays

Math Journal 2 patterns

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Math patterns

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Math patterns

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Math Patterns (book)

Kindergarten Crayons