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    The leading news operation in North Mississippi

    Our GM and President run cameras too!

    Keegan and Robert "glow."

    "It's 5:30 A.M. and not P.M.???!!!" -Jim Holder working the early shift.

    The Olympics start July 27th on WTVA.

    Don Anderson getting a shot of Tupelo from the top of Sunshine Mills.

    Matt Laubhan, Craig Ford and Terry Smith reporting live from Smithville six months after the deadly tornado.

    Emily Mowers on a cold winter's day shooting a commercial in the mud for a livestock sale. Sad face.

    Our Christmas elf just HAD to be in our Christmas promo.

    Don Anderson getting a little help during a commercial shoot. He's under her umbrella...ella.

    Making a little time lapse video in downtown Tupelo.

    Jim Holder interview Coach Freeze for our Focus show.

    Jim Bruce and Josh Ward directing our 2012 Jefferson Awards banquet.

    Sometimes people confuse Drew Goldfarb for Matt Laubhan. Drew made a t-shirt to help clear things up.

    Set for a kids promo. Check out the promo on our WTVA Promotions board.

    Sometimes our owner surprises with cupcakes. Oh happy day!

    Julee Brown and Don Anderson shooting a promo in the rain. Julee's boots are awesome!

    Emily Mowers shooting video in Smithville for a promo.

    Don Anderson with the glide camera during a promotion shoot.

    Some WTVA ladies at the Women of Distinction Luncheon.

    Emily Leonard, Kay Bain and Terry Smith hosting the Regional Rehab Center's Annual Telethon.

    WTVA in the Tupelo Christmas Parade.

    Terri Smith and Kay Bain doing a live shot from the Tupelo Auto Museum on the kickoff day of Food For Families.

    Emily Leonard, Julee Brown and Kelli Karlson (Wizard 106) emceeing the Race for the Cure.

    Craig Ford and Matt Laubhan preparing for their live shot in Smithville.

    Live in Smithville six months after the deadly tornado.

    The first Meet Matt in Amory.

    Jim Holder and Wayne Hereford catching a little Super Bowl action.

    Meteorologist Kara James pointing at nothing. Just kidding!

    Allie Ware during her morning live shot.

    Director Mike Grissom giving you a friendly morning wave.

    Susan Parker just celebrated her 20 year anniversary at WTVA.

    Our WTVA runners Keegan and Allie with Elvis after running The King 5K

    Matt Laubhan and Emily Leonard-Laubhan at Elvis Fest 2012.

    Allie Ware makes new friends during her morning live shot.

    Julee Brown walks in the shoes...or boots rather...of a firefighter.

    John always has a smile on his face.

    Kara James getting ready to give you your morning weather.

    Behind the desk during the 10pm news.

    Serving you a cup of joe each morning on WTVA News Today.

    Allie Ware and Elvis at the Lyric in matching outfits.

    Matt and his new friend at the circus.

    Matt Laubhan, circus ringmaster extraordinaire. He makes his own fog! ha

    Kara James on her first day on WTVA News Today. Even Matt came in!

    Notice that the clock says 4:38...A.M.!!! Craig Ford working into the wee hours and early morning the night of Adam Mayes was found.

    Robert Byers - a Jack of all trades. He anchors, reports and produces!

    I think the camera was a little too low for this promo taping with Robert. Ha!

    Justin Lewis getting ready for his 10pm live shot.