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A collection of custom QR codes from around the globe that offer inspiration to designers who want to push the envelope, yet still have a functional design
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a qr code with the image of a lion on it's head and green squares -&nbspThis website is for sale! -&nbspQR CODE barcode barre code qr code code qr générer créer lire mobile datamatrix Resources and Information.
This code edits the individual square bits into edgy shapes, rendering an artistic design that still scans
a qr code with the word zoophaia on it and an arrow in the center
This was used on garment tags, incorporating a design element of the clothing into the code
a close up of a qr code with an image of a sea turtle swimming in the ocean
Beautiful integration of the sea turtle art into this design
a red and black qr code with the word nike on it's side
Custom QR Codes - Bring Your Campaign To Life
The angularity and shading on this QR code add a unique appeal
a red and black qr code with a car in the background that says hagin automotive
Page not found - Search Engine Marketing & Web Development - Xcite Media Group
Clever use of the interstitial space, text just outside the quiet zone adds clarity
a yellow and black qr code with an orange block on it
Attractive color palette and interesting depth effect created with this one
a qr code with the words hawks on it and an eagle flying above it
Dramatic effect, although the design invades the quiet zone; not sure if all scan apps will successfully resolve it
a qr code with a panda bear on it's face and various symbols
Strategy SET | Production | Advertising | Branding | Design | Media
This Louis Vuitton QR code from SET Japan creates a touch of whimsy
a red qr code with drops of blood coming out of the top and bottom
15 Beautiful and Creative QR Codes [PICS]
Nice shading in this one from Warbasse Designs, which also uses a drop shadow to create a raised appearance
Animated PacMan from one of the greats in Custom QR code design
the logo for providence golf club on a white and blue checkered background with qr code
This design has an elegance to it, not so complex you still know it's a QR code you're supposed to scan
there is a blue and white qr - code on the side of a building
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Interesting incorporation of the quiet zone and surround
a close up of a qr code with scissors in it's middle section
QR codes gallery
Love the zipper
an image of a qr code that is green and white with the word's logo
QR codes gallery
This code has a unique treatment of the corner elements, blending on the modules, plus it's clean