Nurses in WWII

Over 70,000 army and navy nurses served during World War II, all of them volunteers and half of them serving overseas. They followed the men onto the beaches and into the foxholes, 16 died in battle and 77 were taken prisoners of war. Yet, there is no record of their service in the official United States Army WWII annals. When the war ended, they faded back into a society that did not either recognize or value their service. They should not be forgotten.
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Vivian Bullwinkel - WWII nurse. The only survivor to be shot at Banka Island in Singapore, only to surrender to the Japanese army again and placed in a POW camp for 3 years. A corageous nurse and a great Australian woman ~
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World War 2 nurses in the Pacific ~
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Ensign Dorothy Swallen, and Ensign Dora Eggleston At the Mare Island Navy Yard, California, circa late 1944. Both were Navy Nurses stationed at the Mare Island Naval Hospital. USS Wadleigh (DD-689) is in the background ~
14 February 1944, Italy - Three US Army nurses attached to an evacuation hospital behind the fifth army fighting front get one of their biggest treats when mail brings letters from home. They are (L-R) Lt. Dorothy E. Fischer, Pittsburgh, PA.; Lt. Mary A. Matock of Cumbolo, PA., and Lt. Helen Richert, Irvington, PA. They are in off duty attire ~