Daddy's shirts to baby clothes

Baby Shortall From Adult T-Shirt: Pattern and Tutorial.ha, I probably won't ever make this however it looks surprisingly easy and is a great way to recycle old t-shirts into cool baby clothes

Better than Boppies!!

Custom made to order Baby Nursing Pillows. This perfect portable pillow is unlike any other nursing pillow youve used. It brings baby to the

This is a great idea!

Making one of these for sure! This is a great idea! A pillow case remade.perfect for traveling and naps. Good idea for a baby shower:-) and it so cute! *are you kidding me? I need one of these. That's what sleeping bags are for though huh?

Türstopper oder Knallschutz

It's a great idea and it works really well.

Freebook von Schnabelina für eine Jacke

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