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    I adore RuPaul. He is beautiful, funny, and the only person I will refer to as fabulous. True badass!

    Makeup Miracles: How To Make Any Boobs Look Bigger...Woah, you can do anything with contouring! Thank you, BuzzFeed lol

    Miss Fame is transformed into the “SuperNatural Blonde”. A step-by-step drag makeup tutorial which reveals the natural beauty within your faces. Inspired by ...

    Drag Queen Spring Colorful Makeup by Veronna Sapphire Incredible transformation. Amazing tips. Now I just gotta score some of the makeup.

    DIY tulle garland. Wedding idea for when the bride makes her way down the aisle? Maybe darker midnight blue or silvery white instead?

    20 Facts You May Not Know About Harry Potter- love Epic fact #583!

    Moments theatre lovers and thespians know all too well.

    1995-1996 Slytherin Quidditch Team: Cassius Warrington - Chaser; Miles Bletchley - Keeper; Graham Montague - Chaser/Captain; Gregory Goyle - Beater; Vincent Crabbe - Beater; Adrian Pucey - Chaser; Draco Malfoy - Seeker - 400 points to Slytherin

    Rocky Horror Picture Show. So freaking true, everyone looks good in fishnets

    Theatre kids>>>>>anyone else. Hahaha

    One of my most favorite Lady Gaga Quotes ever!

    Pretentious Theatre Kid Poodle. oh no you guys..... don't worry. I'll resist the urge to look up more of these until tomorrow. Maybe. ;)