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a large group of fish swimming in the ocean with text that reads content curation for learning
February 2014: Curation tools are cool!
Video on digital curation.
the cover of creative elements of digital library exploring prezi and infographics, with text
Creative Elements of Digital Literacy: Exploring Prezi and I
Exploring digital and visual literacy elements of Prezi and infographics.
the centre for learning excellence logo is shown in red and white with leaves on it
Teaching with Infographics: Practicing New Digital Competencies and Visual Literacies - Journal of Pedagogic Development | University of Bedfordshire
Lesson ideas for teaching digital and visual literacy with infographics.
the road to digital library is shown with information about different types of internet and technology
Edutech for Teachers » Blog Archive » Infographic of the Week: The Road to Digital Literacy
Roadmap to digital literacy -- what's leads to what and how to achieve your goals.
an image of a room that has some pictures on the wall and lights above it
Infographic on the principles of digital literacy.
an orange and blue poster with icons on it that says, 6 open educational resources
Media and Digital Literacy: Resources for Parents
Something to look at for the classroom and for my kids.
the common sense logo is shown in black and green, with an arrow pointing to the right
Digital Citizenship Curriculum | Common Sense Education
Downloadable Digital Literacy Curriculum from Common Sense media.
a woman holding a tablet in front of a bookshelf and looking at it
How Do You Teach Digital Literacy?
Digital literacy curriculum revelations in bringing substance to the introduction of the topic into the classroom.
there is a computer with books and a magnifying glass on top of it
10 Steps For Pre-Search Strategies… Digital Literacy Series Part 1
For research: conducting the pre-search and digital literacy considerations.
three men are standing in front of a whiteboard and pointing to the diagram on it
What is Digital Literacy?
A collection of videos introducing digital literacy and explaining concepts of its use and importance.
an iphone with the words apps for librarians on it
Apps for Librarians: digital literacy with mobile apps
App to help librarians teach digital literacy.
a computer screen with an image of a cat on it's front and back side
New App Teaches Students About Digital Literacy Education World
Applications to aid teachers in bringing digital literacy to the classroom.
the words digital literacy are arranged in a circle with circles around it and on top of each
How Can we Embed Digital Literacy in the Classroom?
How to embed digital literacy concepts in the classroom.
an image of a puzzle ball with the words digital information library on it's side
Multiliteracies | Literacy Ideas
Digital literacy activities for the classroom.
children using laptop computers in a classroom
US Government website on digital literacy.