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Xah Lee
Xah Lee
Xah Lee

Xah Lee

heels. NSFW

Science Ninja Gatchaman Jun Cosplay (科學小飛俠)

the damsel in distress! 〈Art of Gustave Dore〉

Hunger Games Eyelash

Google culture. The guy on the right is Senior Vice President of Engineering.

Japan has a cute girl as mascot of Internet Explorer

Censorship: Illustrated Guide to ESRB

today i leaned, “boy brief” is women's panty with manhole.

Barbie Anthropology

Mathematica Logos thru its History #lisp

Architectural Beauty: Duomo di Milano

Leda and the Swan ₄

Taktshang Monastery

beautiful tiny white Cone Shell

spiral in nature

fractal brocolli

Trypophobia: Multi-Holes Phobia!

Fifty Shades of Alice

Monk Pigsy carrying his wife。 from 〈Monkey King〉

Jefferson Airplane ⭑ 〈White Rabbit〉 🎶

Regular Polyhedron Domes (Geodesic Dome) Photo Gallery

Sola Aoi, 蒼井空, the Scissor-Hand of Asian Chicks

pretty Chinese iron ball. Good for exercising hand, avoiding repetitive strain injury for programers.

hooker is the look, somber is the music. Jennifer Connelly in 〈Requiem for a Dream〉