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Science Ninja Gatchaman Jun Cosplay (科學小飛俠)

the damsel in distress! 〈Art of Gustave Dore〉 http://xaharts.org/va/gustave_dore.html

Google culture. The guy on the right is Senior Vice President of Engineering.

Japan has a cute girl as mascot of Internet Explorer

Censorship: Illustrated Guide to ESRB

today i leaned, “boy brief” is women's panty with manhole.

Mathematica Logos thru its History #lisp

Architectural Beauty: Duomo di Milano

Taktshang Monastery http://xaharts.org/dinju/monastery.html

beautiful tiny white Cone Shell http://xaharts.org/xamsi_calku/blabi/blabi.html


Trypophobia: Multi-Holes Phobia! http://xaharts.org/arts/trypophobia_hole_phobia.html

Fifty Shades of Alice http://xahlee.org/sex/fifty_shades_of_alice.html

Monk Pigsy carrying his wife。 from 〈Monkey King〉 http://xaharts.org/arts/monkey_king_pigsy_carrying_wife.html

Jefferson Airplane ⭑ 〈White Rabbit〉 http://xahmusic.org/music/white_rabbit.html

Regular Polyhedron Domes (Geodesic Dome) Photo Gallery http://xaharts.org/dinju/geodesic_dome.html

Sola Aoi, 蒼井空, the Scissor-Hand of Asian Chicks http://xahlee.org/sex/sola_aoi_scissor_hand.html

pretty Chinese iron ball. Good for exercising hand, avoiding repetitive strain injury for programers.

hooker is the look, somber is the music. Jennifer Connelly in 〈Requiem for a Dream〉 http://xahmusic.org/piano/requiem.html