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Nearly Paradise

Nearly Paradise

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  • Shana Babbitt
    Shana Babbitt

    Jvvhiqyhdnfiixjjuusdii b. bun z. Mnzjjzhieukeidkmmmmmmmm

for old time's sake...

  • Emily

    vintage! i love it!

  • Damla Gürgan
    Damla Gürgan

    That just does not makes sense. The floor will be wet all the time.

  • Damla Gürgan
    Damla Gürgan

    Typo: "make" sense

  • Autostruk Deanna
    Autostruk Deanna

    I have to make my bathtub this way

  • Kim Jones
    Kim Jones

    This looks like a bathroom in the living room or the den.


  • P u l n i s a S e a
    P u l n i s a S e a

    Woww.. love it ♥

  • Amelia Reid
    Amelia Reid

    my dream tub ♥

  • Nyree-Dawn Archer
    Nyree-Dawn Archer

    I want that tub!!

  • Kristy Rief
    Kristy Rief

    my thought exactly Becki!!

  • Ann Greenfield
    Ann Greenfield

    I would never leave this room

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I really like this!

Luxurious Showers
  • Cheryl Repstein
    Cheryl Repstein


  • Sara White
    Sara White

    Golly that's beautiful!!! i wouldn't want the responsibility of cleaning that though :P

  • ~*♥BuNnY559❤*~

    Ohhh I wantnone of those

  • Mansion Staff
    Mansion Staff

    Who was in my bathroom taking pictures ?

  • Donna Thomas
    Donna Thomas

    luv this want one this is aswesome.

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Someday I'll have a tub like this!

escapade: Wanderlust: Sifnos, Greece
  • Georgianna Acosta L
    Georgianna Acosta L

    my dream tub!

  • Candi Harris
    Candi Harris

    I could so go for this right now.

  • Tiffany Coleman
    Tiffany Coleman


  • Jannette Comer
    Jannette Comer

    I so want this !!!

  • Christine Hansen-Ford
    Christine Hansen-Ford

    Me too!

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Moon to Moon: Wash away your cares .......
  • Kalena Westover
    Kalena Westover

    Pefect getaway ♥

  • Searching Hearts
    Searching Hearts

    OMG, beautiful design concept, love it ♥

  • Makenzie Amundson
    Makenzie Amundson

    so beautiful and peaceful ♥

  • Tracy Betts
    Tracy Betts


  • Chloe Stoodley
    Chloe Stoodley


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French Hotel Chic

A Grand Guest Bathroom
  • Donna Kinder
    Donna Kinder

    This is just beautiful......

  • Tonya Derouen
    Tonya Derouen


  • Valli Morano
    Valli Morano

    Nice, the only thing I would change is a window instead of a mirror. Would love to look out at a night sky.

  • Betty Hubbard Jones
    Betty Hubbard Jones

    love this

  • Leslie Harry Schnurbusch
    Leslie Harry Schnurbusch

    so feminine...

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wood bath

  • Beth Kenny
    Beth Kenny

    What a piece of art and functional?

  • Wendy Mansfield Carson
    Wendy Mansfield Carson

    I can't wait to have this when someday i have my log home built!!!!

  • Justin Txt
    Justin Txt


  • Bethany Hooper
    Bethany Hooper

    agh hello splinters. lol jk.

  • Jamie Webber
    Jamie Webber

    wow, that would be fantastic to have. How is it made? I bet it costs a fortune

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Private jungle

  • Jane Meacham
    Jane Meacham

    I really like the tub photo the others. were good to

  • Katelynn Prentice
    Katelynn Prentice

    i really wish that this was my bathroom i would lay in that bathroom all day long reading

  • Marisa Rancich
    Marisa Rancich

    that is on my wish list for my back yard within 5 years!!!!

  • Tara Clair Candoli
    Tara Clair Candoli

    I could be in that tub all day!


  • Alicia Brown
    Alicia Brown

    Love the baskets.

  • Faith Kollen
    Faith Kollen

    i love clean lines in bathrooms

  • Stephanie Lowry
    Stephanie Lowry

    I want these!

Spa Bath


The Best Bathroom Designs
  • Sarah Faul
    Sarah Faul

    I want one! That looks so beautiful.

  • Veronica Webb
    Veronica Webb

    I could use this right now !!

  • Dee Clinton
    Dee Clinton


  • Rose Ward
    Rose Ward


  • Josie Howard
    Josie Howard


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The Best Bathroom Designs
  • Jamie Monigold
    Jamie Monigold

    Love this!!! My favorite colors...

DIY Concrete Fire Bowls

  • Elizabeth Lara
    Elizabeth Lara

    wicked cool

No vent, no problem.

  • Ashley Morgan
    Ashley Morgan

    im an interior design and sell these! hahaa great pin!

  • Jill Dunbar
    Jill Dunbar

    I am getting on of these for Canada!

floor tiles

  • Megan Jourdain
    Megan Jourdain

    Are vertical stripes supposed to make a pitched roof room look bigger? I have a pitched roof and need help.

  • Helen Graham
    Helen Graham

    I love the yellow and white stripes!

  • Lisa Ledson
    Lisa Ledson

    love this minus the mirror.

Love that mirror

  • Marcie Smith
    Marcie Smith

    What a great bathroom.

love colors

  • Lauren

    Love the shelves...

  • Janet Welch-Murray
    Janet Welch-Murray

    Ditto to that and the towel rack.

  • Rachael Johnston
    Rachael Johnston

    ♥ all of this!

  • Helen Herrington
    Helen Herrington


so cool

  • Zoe Hollowell
    Zoe Hollowell

    omg!!!soo cool!!!!!!

  • Elke Brand
    Elke Brand

    I want it!

  • Diane Haynes
    Diane Haynes

    I wish!!!!

  • Chloe Stoodley
    Chloe Stoodley

    Love this.

  • Josie Howard
    Josie Howard

    Family get together!!!! Fun!!!

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Piet indoor fireplace via Cavallius design

Fredrik Hyltén-Cavallius

walk in tub

  • Christina Eisaman
    Christina Eisaman

    Truly amazing!

  • Michele Renville
    Michele Renville


  • Tina Morel
    Tina Morel

    THAT is a tub...

  • Tricia Granger
    Tricia Granger


  • Kari Phelps
    Kari Phelps

    I want one of these!

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Amazing soaking pool

  • Donna Kinder
    Donna Kinder

    This is amazing, so serene and lovely.....

  • Ali Montemayor
    Ali Montemayor


  • Chloe Stoodley
    Chloe Stoodley

    aaaah oneday!

  • Jan Pacheco
    Jan Pacheco

    OMG lovethis!

  • Lana Gresiuk
    Lana Gresiuk


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