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Richard Bizley - The scene takes place 500,000 years ago in what is now Boxgrove, near Chichester in Sussex. Homo heidelbergensis is creating a flint axe after the group has successfully hunted a rhinoceros. He is using a deer antler to finish knapping the axe. In the distance is a herd of straight-tusked elephants and some heidelbergensis are throwing stones at a pack of hyenas. The group is quickly butchering the rhinoceros as there are lions in the area.

Homo Heidelbergensis Creating A Flint Axe Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Richard…


A carboniferous scene, fossil footprints from the West Midlands of England hint at global climate change 310 million years ago.

Criaturas de la orden Lepidoptera-vintage inspiraron por kelzuki

Creatures of the order Lepidoptera, Art print of an illustration by Kelsey Oseid. This poster chronicles 29 beautiful butterflies, moths, and skippers from the taxonomic order Lepidoptera.

Wild animals of North America, intimate studies of big and little creatures of the mammal kingdom. - Biodiversity Heritage Library

Wild Animals of N America 1918 Woodland Caribou Canvas Art - LA Fuertes x