Bulavkus USB flash drive

Bulavkus USB Flash Drive A memory stick in the form of a safety pin: “ Bulavkus—a USB flash drive disguised as a classic safety pin—keeps your data safely pinned. For finding Bulavkus in a flash,.

BMW and Thermaltake Mouse

BMW and Thermaltake's Level 10 M gaming mouse is real, costs $100

Computer Mouse designed by BMW Group DesignworksUSA revolutionizes the world of gaming. A futuristic piece of High Tech gives a boost to electronic gaming / Global product launch of Thermaltake´s Level 10 M Mouse in August

Sculpture - JohnFoster

The Sparkle Palace cocktail table by American artist John Foster provides a beautiful marriage between glass and light, inviting light to play an integral role in the space’s interior design.

philippe pasqua: full-scale t-rex in paris

Life-Size T-Rex Skeleton Pops Up in Paris: A giant Tyrannosaurus Rex sculpture sits atop the platform of Compagnie des Bateaux-Mouches by the Seine River in Paris, France. Created by sculptor Philippe Pasqua

Zachary Norman-  Exotic Matter, 2014

“Conceptual still life photography by Zachary Norman . Zachary also belongs to the very creative Everything is Collective.



Paul Loebach’s Watson table, which was shown at Carwan Gallery, has double-helix legs and is made of wood and carbon fiber.

Moon glass

The Moon Glass sake cup reveals different moon phases as you drink down the liquid.

49 Years Ago (Starlight), 2011- Spencer Finch

Spencer Finch 49 Years Ago (Starlight), fluorescent lamps, fixtures, filters and aluminum, diameter 274 cm / 9 ft

Spectacular Gravity-Defying Elephant Sculpture

Spectacular Gravity-Defying Elephant Sculpture

Ideas, Nasutamanus By Daniel Firman 6 Levitating Elephant Installation Balancing On Its Trunk Ideas Daniel Firman Nasutamanus Floating Elephant Sculpture: Levitating Elephant Installation Balancing On Its Trunk



Waves by Daniel Palacios-- A long piece of rope generates waves floating in space by the physical action of its movement, and simultaneously creates sound by cutting through the air.

Cut-Chair- peter bristol

“Cut Chair” is unique concept design by Peter Bristol. “A plate concealed by a thick carpet allows a robust cantilevered seat. Three well placed leg ‘stumps’ and the chair looks as though it has just been magically sliced apart,” notes by Bristol.

Maya Desk-Dare Studio

We love the little detail on the surface of this Maya Desk from British design company Dare Studio.


Wood-carved cityscapes become incredible sculptures in this series by Philadelphia-based designer and craftsman James McNabb.