Wooden lighting concept. @designerwallace

Beautifully turned wood pendant lamps by Carroll Street Woodworkers of Toronto. Smooth, wooden, organic design, reminiscent of drops of water. Interesting how it makes you think of wood but also water at the same time

Atelier Areti lighting

Atelier Areti Lighting.

Sculpturl room divider mde of glss ball lamps Atelier Areti Lighting

Enchanting Doorlight    There is something very instinctive about finding your way to the door of a room during blackouts. Based on this instinct, it will be so clever to integrate a flashlight into the handle, so that you have an emergency light handy, wherever you need it. I love the LEDoorHandle, which is based on this simple idea! It doubles up as light sensor mood lights for those who like to indulge in fancy fittings. Though how do you open the door without the handle?

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Lampe cloche by Sibylle Stœckli

Lampe cloche by Sibylle Stœckli. A sweet cloche lamp perfect for a masculine or monochrome color scheme.

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LOUDOR DESIGN - Due to the current lack of daylight I was looking for new light sources for my apartment and stumbled upon Loudordesign Studio, an industrial design office opened in 2003 by.

Dollop by Ash Allen

Ash Allen is an Australian designer who developed the Dollop Light. Allen has won numerous rewards such as the Good Design Reward for the Dollop light