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Indie Authors

As an indie eBook publishing and distribution platform, XinXii helps independent authors and writers compete with traditional publishing houses. Here's a list of authors publishing at

Indie Authors

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Deborah McCarragher began her journey of creative writing soon after coming to know Jesus as her personal Savior in 1989. Her primary goal is to share her personal testimony with others while bringing hope and practical help through her book. Her author page at XinXii:

Wanda St.Hilaire’s prime passion is travel and after a big wake-up call in 2010, she decided that life is too short not to do what you love, where you love. Her author page at XinXii:

Begoña True - Visit her author page at XinXii:

Luis PRADO at XinXii: "Julioh" is his first book, which he calls a 
labor of love and 

Kaye GEORGE, an Agatha nominated short story writer, is the author of CHOKE, Mainly Murder Press, May 2011, as well as many short stories. Her author page at XinXii:

Robert BOVINGTON (born 25 January 1945) is an English writer of books on travel, primarily with regards to Spain. These include “Spanish Matters” and “Spanish Impressions”:

Joel Blaine KIRKPATRICK A novelist with four published works, he is currently creating his fifth. Dabbling in Sci-Fi, Paranormal, Romance and Adventure, Joel has not claimed a genre as his personal favorite to write. Being a fierce supporter of independent and self-publishing, Joel straddles the fence quite well in the industry. His motto, which he freely offers as terribly good advice--Authors should write for themselves, then share their work.

Charles Shea---DEFENDING EVIL is my first novel. THE SHRUNKEN HEAD MURDERS is my second novel. I'm married with two sons, three dogs, and one cat. (The dogs live in the house and are completely spoiled.) I enjoy cycling, tennis, fishing, woodworking, and of course writing. Visit his author page on XinXii:

Stephen BLACK: visit his author page on XinXii: . Stephen Black's distinctive writing style reflects his extensive background in fine art, TV, movies, and 3D game production. An American who has lived in Asia most of his life, he tackles universal themes with a personal voice. His artworks and photographs have appeared in galleries, museums, books and magazines worldwide.

Ryan SCHNEIDER - visit his author page on XinXii: I am a husband, aspiring father, writer, and novelist. I write fiction. I will make you think and feel. That is my job. I write in many genres. I try to write stories I would enjoy reading. My work is sometimes dark and heavy, sometimes light and fun, even romantic.

Diane SHERLOCK's short work has appeared in The Rumpus, A Bird in the Hand: Risk and Flight (Outrider Press), Hubris Press, The Citron Review, and MO+TH literary journal (Bombshelter Press). She recently completed her MFA at Antioch University, Los Angeles and co-founded AnnotationNation...., examining novels and short story collections in terms of craft. Annotation Nation has just expanded into Poetry and Creative Non-Fiction Her writing blog can be found at dianesherlock.wor... and travel blog at theroadrisesup.tu.... She lives in Los Angeles, California, USA. Visit her author page on XinXii:

Mike BOVE grew up in Vermont. He wrote articles and drew cartoons for his college newspaper. "Willowtree" is Mike’s first novel in the Bruce DelReno Mystery Series. Visit his author page on XinXii:

Marty BEAUDET is a freelance writer, graphic designer, and communications consultant. He is the author of Losing Addison, a psychological thriller written in just 15 days following a vivid nightmare. Visit his author page on XinXii:

David GAUGHRAN is a 34-year old Irish writer, living in Sweden, who spends most of his time travelling the world, collecting stories. He is the author of the South American epic historical adventure "A Storm Hits Valparaiso" and the short stories "If You Go Into The Woods" and "Transfection" as well as the popular self-publishing guide "Let's Get Digital: How To Self-Publish, And Why You Should." He blogs about writing and the book business, and provides a free guide on getting your own work into (digital) print on his blog: davidgaughran.wor... Pop over to for some curious stories from the history of the world's most intriguing continent.

David Gaughran's Autorenseite und eBooks |

K. S. "Kaz" AUGUSTIN is a Malaysian-born Australian writer of space opera and romance. Her website, where she keeps full first chapter previews of all her books, is at

Robert E. DAVIS obtained a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Accounting and Business Law and a Master of Business Administration degree in Management Information Systems from Temple and West Chester University; respectively.