Studies in Opposition

Studies in Opposition

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Saudi Arabia: the black camels are shadows, white figures are the actual camels. Amazing!


St. Louis Post-Dispatch. #Ferguson

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  • Mary Alice
    Mary Alice

    The chart is dealing with race. Also, it pertains to St. Louis, MO, known both historically and currently for racial discrimination.

  • Mary Alice
    Mary Alice

    Unfortunately, the subject of both race and gender representation in the workforce, particularly police work, is often subject to both 'Class Culture' as well as 'Career Culture.' The collective that would attempt to bar individuals based on race or gender is real. Those who oppose it are harassed. It is sad, indeed. Let those of us who be saddened turn it into inspiration.

  • Julie Bailey
    Julie Bailey

    Maybe they should look at who applies for the jobs? They can't hire people who don't apply.

  • Jamie Downey-Atkins
    Jamie Downey-Atkins

    In Kansas City and St Louis you have to live within the city limits if you are on the Police Force of that city. The surrounding cities have different rules.

  • Sheryl Foster
    Sheryl Foster

    I want to expand on this last statement. There is a residency requirement for the City of St. Louis, but there are 91 municipalities, many of which do not have residency requirements for government employees including police officers.

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  • Brooke Resch
    Brooke Resch

    Which one made the first rude comment? Because the other one was probably not happy about it and responded with a similar joke to cut the tension.

  • unity100

    He speaks like someone who knows cocaine dealers well.

  • Sandy Bingaman
    Sandy Bingaman

    Wow. And, here is your foot Bill...

  • Aaron Mason
    Aaron Mason

    What a tool.

  • Richard Schuster
    Richard Schuster

    O'Reilly and Fox News could only exist in America. Regards, the civilised world.

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Here's Louis C.K. at 20 years old doing a stand-up routine in Boston in 1987.

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  • Muriel Friboulet
    Muriel Friboulet

    And what for fifty ?

  • Janet Chappell
    Janet Chappell

    at 50, you just wanna be left alone, in peace, with your dream car

  • Muriel Friboulet
    Muriel Friboulet


The presidents of Argentina, Brazil, and Chile today vs in the 70's.

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  • Angela Castillo Zamorano
    Angela Castillo Zamorano

    Eso es no saber nada de mi país! !!

  • Mario Espinoza
    Mario Espinoza

    Xixi Hu: just for information: in the photo are, Gustavo Leigh Guzmán, Augusto Pinochet and José Toribio Merino, "Junta Militar de Gobierno" members in Chile in 1973. theres is nobody from Argentina and Brasil.

The London underground: Now and then

Twitter / HistoryInPics: The London underground: Now ...
  • Dana Padilla
    Dana Padilla

    People use to dress so classy.

  • Kathy Davis
    Kathy Davis

    And I think it made them behave classy!

  • Dana Padilla
    Dana Padilla

    I agree Kathy.

No big deal... Bach wrote a piece of music you can play, and then flip it upside down and play it again.

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  • Noni Stremming
    Noni Stremming

    It's played as a duet from both ends.. My daughter played it for recital one year!

  • Beti Bratina
    Beti Bratina

    Mozart has (at least) one like this too. It's called Der Spiegel Duett- the mirror duet.

A vending machine, brought inland by a tsunami, in an abandoned rice field in Fukushima

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  • Mary Alice
    Mary Alice

    This is simultaneously fascinating and tragic. I truly hope no one changes your caption & reduces the image to novelty. Thank you for pinning this.

The most popular photo on Weibo in the past 24 hours.


Official: British coins are cooler than US ones.

Twitter / J88EAD: I'm British. I've lived in ...
  • Johnny Debt
    Johnny Debt

    I wish we still has the £1 note though.

  • Jessica Ciantar
    Jessica Ciantar

    If it makes you feel any better, us Brits didn't know that they did that if you put them together! : )

  • Dorothy-Ann Norng
    Dorothy-Ann Norng neat! I feel like I'm in on a secret.

  • Jo W
    Jo W

    Very strange, I had a 20p today and was going to look up the full set tonight but forgot!

  • Nicole Turner
    Nicole Turner

    That's pretty cool ☺

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Choose your America | issues guide. Vote.

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  • Ashleigh Odom
    Ashleigh Odom

    I found out that those negative ad's actually help inform people more because then they are curious if it is true and therefore, fact check. Also, I based my opinion on the issues at hand. I went through both guys websites and read every issue. I found I liked Obama more. I like how he wants to try to minimize outsourcing jobs along with a number of other things. I don't like how Romney wanted to try to bring people overseas to run bring businesses (practically saying it was because they were smarter) and how he wanted to make the immigration process easier. If they come over, they need jobs, the jobs that we need. I also thought he had good intentions with his plans with North Korea and China but there is a huge chance that it could result in a war. That was the big thing that got me. I don't want my son growing up in that. Especially since it may go nuclear.

  • Sarah Wilson Kallis
    Sarah Wilson Kallis

    Ashleigh, not sure if you realize it but Obama made it with the Dream act so we don't really need a immigration process. Romeny wanted to make the process easier so that it would allow for LEGAL immigration rather than just allowing everyone in as basically is the case now. As for outsourcing, as the pin suggestions incorrectly, there is no taxloophole that "pays" or "benefits" companies for outsourcing to other countries except for the fact that they don't have the high cost of doing business in the USA because of the regulations put on businesses by the government - current and past administrations both. The USA has the highest cost of doing business amongst developed nations. As for going nuclear, it's always a possibility of course but the propability is, IMHO, zero because no nation will ever have first strike capabilities therefore it's a death blow for the entire human population. But you do have a valid point, who wants their children to grow up with that future....

  • Ashleigh Odom
    Ashleigh Odom

    Well like I said I am just stating my opinion I have other reasons other than those and I am sure you do as well. I do find the Dream Act stupid though. I can agree with you that people were not informed probably but not just when it came to voting for Obama but also for Romney, I saw so many friends say their reasons is because he is black, because he said the US is not a Christian Nation and blah blah blah. I saw it with Obama too with how some people voted for him only to keep their programs. That is sad, you think people would be smart enough not to base their opinions on something as shallow as that. It is very frustrating, I know Obama isn't the perfect president but hopefully he can turn things around this term.

  • Ashleigh Odom
    Ashleigh Odom

    properly not probably

  • Bethany Service
    Bethany Service

    So being defensive and saying that more than half the country is wrong is better than being snarky. Ok, I get it now. :) :) :) :) :) :)

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Essentially the only building with power in #NYC right now is the Empire State Building. #Sandy

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  • Keenen Hatton
    Keenen Hatton


All of NYC now in darkness except for the Empire State Building. #Sandy

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  • Linda Jeary
    Linda Jeary

    A QUA#I

Jealous alpha male monkey "attacks" man:

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  • Lindsey Miner
    Lindsey Miner

    All I kept thinking while watching this was --I feel bad for the monkey being tormented all day (He obviously doesn't like it) and the baby in the background who got scared of the monkey.

  • skraus

    Good think there was glass...

  • Binky McCauley
    Binky McCauley

    Sad for monkey and for baby

I find this MRI cross section of leg muscles utterly fascinating (and sobering). Exercise will save your life.

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  • Donna Miles
    Donna Miles

    Point of all this...stay active...choose a method that is correct for yourself.

  • Pamela John
    Pamela John


  • Ashlynn

    Exercise (esp. weight-bearing) can prevent bone damage/osteoporosis/etc. by increasing bone density, and a nutritious diet will keep the body fueled and running properly. The deterioration of health as you age is something that often happens by choice, not by nature. Seeing this reminds me of Ernestine Shepherd (74 yr old bodybuilder) and how amazingly fit and vibrant she looks!

  • Nicole Turner
    Nicole Turner


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Before and after the iPhone:

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  • Heather Rostkowski
    Heather Rostkowski

    I love my stark clean iPhone but I must admit I miss my bright orange slide phone.

  • Tracy Balcius
    Tracy Balcius

    the rest is just imitation!!!

You've seen their photos. Now check out this gallery of famous photographers posing with their iconic images / (via Wired)

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  • Chelly Salazar
    Chelly Salazar

    loved this!

  • Deb Nefsky
    Deb Nefsky

    Yes yes color me green & yellow

Nokia ringtone during concert of classical music / go to :25 if you're in a rush. So awesome.

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  • Carla Maye
    Carla Maye

    That is what I call class and composure. People; CUT THE RINGER OFF!

  • Marie Schmidt
    Marie Schmidt

    Sweet revenge!

  • Gianna O'Sullivan
    Gianna O'Sullivan

    This is great.

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"Memebase WTF Guy Totally Looks Like David Silverman on O’Reilly" ...

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  • Brie Seepkin
    Brie Seepkin

    that's because he is based on david silverman...

  • Charlotte Mueller
    Charlotte Mueller


Look familiar? / Photo remakes of famous art - I love everything about this...I scrolled through the entire list. This one was my favorite. (via Kottke)

Photo remakes of famous art

Look familiar? / Photo remakes of famous art - I love everything about this...I scrolled through the entire list. (via Kottke)

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Look familiar? / Photo remakes of famous art - I love everything about this...I scrolled through the entire list. (via Kottke)

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