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Jackie Provence
Jackie Provence
Jackie Provence

Jackie Provence

Gluten-Free Fudge Cake. I have been making this cake recipe, using traditional all-purpose flour, for 30 years! And, the original recipe uses boiling water instead of coffee. Either version is chocolate cake perfection!!! One more thing...if you are not in the mood to make a frosting, fresh, whipped cream can be used. Don't ice the cake with the whipped cream, just put it on each individual serving.

Do your students need more practice solving for missing angle measures using equations? This product focuses on Common Core Standard 7.G.B.5 and it contains 6 worksheets with answer keys.

10 Homemade & Healthy Coffee Creamers -

Before you (or your students) publish anything, run rough drafts through this Hemingway app. It will highlight weak adverbs, find passive voice, and identify reading levels. Best of all - it's free. Get monthly tips like this one at

Half up half down bridal hair...perfect for pinning a veil in!

holy cow I wish I would've know this a few thousand dollars of text books ago!

"Challenge capsules" for students who finish early-- keep those high achievers moving. I love the choice/surprise element here. It makes it a privilege, not a punishment. If we make sure the activities aren't just more of the same, this is great idea!

add lorien legacies and you're all set for the year (or summer) (or week)

Click the picture, then watch the 20 minute movie. (Seriously, this is amazing. Plus, young Albus = HAWT)

Chores for kids by age, neat idea. But I have never heard of disinfecting door knobs?