I just keep thinking about the colors in driftwood as my inspiration. Driftwood art work, like this, would be an awesome touch.” Driftwood mounted onto wood. No paint added.

peacock feather

Peacock feather under a microscope - this is not beadwork but I can imagine these colors/texture stitched together in spiral seed bead work. The image breaks the palette down very nicely Knit texture ideas


Lady Bug, Lady Bug, fly away home. You're house is on fire you're children will burn. Anyone remember repeating that little saying while holding a lady bug.

sand dollars

Painted Sand Dollars - a fun summer activity! Perfect for that big bag of sand dollars they brought home from Santa Cruz.


Vodka-tonic under a microscope . I TOLD you vodka/tonic was AWESOME (truthfully, I had no idea it was quite THIS awesome!

Wooden Constellation by Brett

Wood Constellation by Brett Sheenjek: Beauty that comes from years of cold, wind and harsh living. This is wood, but it's great inspiration for clayworks


Christiane Wyler an artist, painter and designer she's painted on silk using mixed media like textured surfaces to combine colour. she says colour is life.