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Descent into the dark...
John-Paul Balmet. Something sinister about it but at the same time also beautiful and enchanting!
braille alphabet | braille-alphabet.gif...to use with Knots on a Counting Rope for http://ift.tt/2gUqHTb
MACSORRO, “BLACK”   Acrylic on Canvas, 9" x 12", $800
Death, Melaten Cologne.
The Grim Reaper, sculptor August Schmiemann; tomb for the merchant Johann Muellemeister in Melaten Cemetery, Cologne, Germany. The scythe he carried on the right was apparently stolen. #sculpture #monument
This would be an amazing cover for our first album :D
Jacques de Gheyn II (Netherlandish, 1565–1629). Vanitas Still Life, 1603. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Charles B. Curtis, Marquand, Victor Wilbour Memorial, and The Alfred N. Punnett Endowment Funds, 1974 (1974.1)