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Looking for a way to burn calories and combat winter weight gain from the comfort of your own home, but don't have the time (or money!) to go to the gym? Look no further! You can watch 15 awesome Jillian Michaels workout videos FOR FREE right here!

15 Jillian Michaels workout videos you don't have to pay for

7 Leg Exercises Carrie Underwood uses to get her legs in miniskirt shape!

Carrie Underwood's Workout Moves for Miniskirt-Ready Legs

6 Moves to Re-size Your Butt and Thighs (exactly what is done in Pure Barre)

6 Moves to Resize Your Butt and Thighs - SELF

7 Types of Squats You Should Be Doing | Women's Health Magazine

7 Squat Variations You NEED to Try

Throw away the Bisquick (which has lots of trans fats, btw) Greek Yogurt Pancakes - only 4 ingredients, VERY EASY 2 MAKE!

A Stomach-Shrinking Meal Plan Fit For Summer

Here are some great poses for you to try if you are new to yoga!

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ReFit Dance Fitness Destiny's Child "Survivor" (Toning) some days you need to punch something!

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Booty Wurk - T-Pain Zumba with Mallory HotMess - YouTube. She has a good number of Zumba videos with the similar camera effect. She is great to workout to. I love when she Rock's... very diverse. A favourite of mine.

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Put on your dancing shoes and get started with these great zumba songs!

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Perfect Smoothie

Smoothies 101: A Foolproof Step-by-Step Guide
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12 Secret #Pandora #Workout Stations!

The best secret Pandora stations for working out!!

Protein Ball Recipe

Snack-Time Success: Pre-Workout Protein Balls

10 New Ways to Cook Zucchini

10 New Uses for Zucchini

things to do on sunday to prepare for a healthy week. menu plan, chop a bunch of veggies, roast a pan of veggies, new workout song/playlist, etc.

Sunday Must-Dos For a Healthier Week

How to FREEZE AVACADOS!: Just cut the avocados in half and remove the seed. Wrap in saran wrap (a vacuum sealer is the best option if you have one) then place into a freezer safe container or bag. I’m not sure how long they will keep, but the post from Pink Sugar Bowl states that they last at least 3 months (she goes through her avocados rather quickly).

Did You Know…Freezing Avocados! | Raising a Family on a Budget

Squats on squats

Take Our Squat Circuit Challenge! 30 Days to 200 Squats

Sexy Glutes Intense Legs and Butt Toning Workout for Women – Get ready for the beach season with this great leg and butt toning workout. Just 30 minutes twice each week is all the time you need.

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30-Day Amazing Butt Challenge brought to you by shrinkingjeans Looking to tone and tighten your butt?

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Work your legs to rock your leggings.

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"Malibooty" It actually works. All you need to do is increase by 10 every 3 days .. You will really feel your ass the next day! Amazing.

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motivation !

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So many ways to tone your inner thigh!

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Malibooty Workout

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Butt workout

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