~~Puchinello Butterfly ~ Zemeros flegyas by Muckpuk~~

Liz Hulteen would love this unusual butterfly. If only someone would show this photo to her. Punchinello butterfly, Zemeros flegyas, a small butterfly found in South Asia and Southeast Asia.

One of the most beautiful of butterflies.

Some-kinda Butterfly (watcha gonnado) ~ Miks' Pics "Butterflies and Moths l"…



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~~God's wonderful nature in the hands of a little beautiful child~~Such sweet innocence and wonder~~

Beautiful Colorful Butterflies | Transparent Wing Butterflies Photography – Nature Beauty | PieWay

Funny pictures about The amber phantom butterfly. Oh, and cool pics about The amber phantom butterfly. Also, The amber phantom butterfly.

Beautiful Monarchs on Daisies by Dave Welling

Beautiful Monarchs (picture by Dave Welling) Wild sunflowers signals the start of summer or sunny days in Benguet Phils. They look golden, sprawling the mountain ranges, mingling with the pine trees, simply beautiful.