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    Shelby&&Keirstens apartment

    Shelby&&Keirstens apartment

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    bed with a lazy pool around it!


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    Light Bulb Fish Bowl


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    If Gumby Were A Shape-Shifting Sofa, Here's How He'd Look Sosia packs an entire living room's worth of furniture into one Chinese acrobat of a sofa. If you’re a regular reader of our site, you know that we’ve got a bit of a thing for flexible furniture, whether it’s a couch that indulges all your bitchy moods or the touchpad-controlled “Dynamic Life” that’s either the world’s techiest transforming sofa or the world’s drabbest robot. But for sheer bendy cred, Sosia, by the young Italian designer Emanuele Magini, beats 'em all. This chameleon of a living-room fixture can morph into a sofa, a bed, a set of chairs, a changing room, and all points in between. And with its bright green foamy surface, it both looks and acts exactly like you know who. The secret ingredient: a soft fabric wall that can be folded and zipped for various degrees of privacy. Zip it all the way up, and it transforms into a private dressing room: Zip it down, then tuck it over, and voila, a semi-private conversation pit! Behind the wall, a pair of seats can be adjusted to face each other or to fold down, creating an ad hoc mattress that looks way more comfortable than anything you have to blow up. You can also pull the chairs away from the wall altogether for a fresh, open seating arrangement: It’s like an entire living room wrapped into a single, wonderfully concise piece of furniture -- an insta-room, if you’d like, that’d be a huge service to anyone living in tight quarters, where the privacy is about as spare as the square feet. As best we can tell, Sosia -- which showed during Milan Design Week last month -- is not in production. But if and when it is, you can guarantee it’ll find its way into studio apartments all over the world, from Milan to Manhattan. Heck, we could even picture cash-strapped universities selling off their dorm buildings and throwing students into big pens, with each student assigned his own Sosia instead of a room. Frankly, it’d be more humane than the sardine can I had my freshman year at UCLA.

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