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German skeleton costume circa 1915

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Portrait of a Towel Salesman: “French Towels, Turkish Towels, Bath Towels, Welsh Towels, Swedish Towels, Towels of all Kind.” Note the salesman is wearing clothes made of towels (love the pants), and is holding a bell.

Ode to Past

A number of Victorian photographers combined images from more than one negative to create illusions or novelty portraits. "Headless Photographs" featured men and women with "their heads floating in the air or in their laps".

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Unwanted babies for sale in 1940's Italy.

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Crying child vintage photograph. One of the only vintage child photos that I've ever seen that actually shows EMOTION!

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Finally! A human worthy of the zoo! Isn't she cute? Most of the vintage lady pictures were so dour I was afraid none of the women back then HAD a sense of humor.


This photo bears the caption "Master E Garratt - The Little Stranger". It refers to a character in a 1906 London play of the same name. Edward Garratt was the eponymous star of the farce, a small man who usurps a baby’s position and causes general havoc in a household. Hence the unusual styling of the photo, with the child smoking and wearing a monocle.

18 WTF Vintage Photographs - Part Two (18 Pics)

Victorian-Era prostitute

The Oddment Emporium

Chihuahua riding a Greyhound, 1880s

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Pierre-Louis Pierson - Virginia Oldoini, Countess of Castiglione, c. 1860

Pierre-Louis Pierson | Scherzo di Follia

The world's first scooter? Lady Florence Norman, a suffragette, on her motor-scooter in 1916

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OK (Eliot Elisofon. 1949)

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Photographer unknown. Looks like 1909.

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circus performers

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vintage photo.

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History In Pictures on

1908, Pigeons were fitted with cameras to take aerial photos. Photograph by Roger Viollet.

Twitter / HistoryInPics: 1908, Pigeons were fitted with ...

Nina Leen (1909-1995) - A woman eating cotton candy (candy floss), ca. 1940.

a blog about the little things: the photography of Nina Leen

family dressed as wolves victorian

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Olive Oatman, given facial tattoo by Native Americans who abducted her in the 1850s

File:Olive Oatman, 1857.png

Max Fluegelman with world's largest top hat. New York World's Fair (1939-1940). NYPL Digital Gallery.

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From the book: "Being Human. Enigmatic Images of People by Unknown Photographers" by Robert Flynn Johnson

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1930s : Motorcycle Pace-setter - checkout the boy on the little track bike!?

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Stunning Victorian portrait.

Magic Moonlight Free Images

Costume design by Walery in 1900.

Fish Costumes | Fish Costume Ideas