The Dark Hedges ~ Ireland

The Dark Hedges, Ireland

The Dark Hedges (Beech Trees) : Unique stretch of the Bregagh Road near Armoy, County Antrim, Northern Ireland


I find gypsy wagons beautiful and I'd love to travel in one, especially to different arts and music festivals. Gypsy Firefly by Aimee Stewart Reminds me of my time at Green Lake


Flowers, Women, a Bird & the Moon: Photography by Luz Adriana Villa


Lichtenstein Castle, Baden-Wurttemburg, Germany (the original Cinderella Castle). "Tempus fugit: 50 of the most magical and beautiful castles of the world"


♔ Enchanted Fairytale Dreams ♔ hanging things from a tree really showcases it's beauty. but I don't think I'll be hanging any furniture from branches

Mother Goose

Mother Goose, Ruth Sanderson the model is my dear friend Jane Yolen