Flathead Lake, Montana.

Flathead Lake, Montana.

Flathead Lake, Montana} it really is beyond beautiful here. because of the crystal-clear water, Flathead Lake in Montana seems shallow, but in reality is 370 feet in depth.

Where two oceans meet but do not mix. Gulf of Alaska. amazing

Where Two Oceans Meet But Do Not Mix, Gulf of Alaska. Glacier Water (L) River Mountain Streams Transporting Iron To The Gulf Of Alaska ( R). The Colour Difference Is From The Amount Of Iron and How Much Deposits. They Do Eventually Mix

Frozen Minnehaha Falls-Minnesota

Frozen Minnehaha Falls (in MN) went there while I was in Minnesota n it was so pretty. it's even better frozen.

Emperor Falls and Mt Robson in Mt Robson Provincial Park, British Columbia - photo by panafoot on flickr

Emperor Falls, Mt Robson: Mt Robson Provincial Park, British Columbia - Photo by "panafoot"

✯ Navajo Falls - Havasupai, Arizona, USA

Navajo Falls - Havasupai, Arizona, USA Oh, I looked up waterfalls and the first one was in Arizona! (I didn't know we had water:P) Definitely will have to visit here one day.

Serene Waterfall, Maui, Hawaii

Serene Waterfall Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Michael Sweet

Serene Waterfall, Maui, Hawaii Went swimming here. Was hell to get to tho and cracked my head on a rock on the way! Hawaii is still on my top 10 places to go.


Project 365 – Day 187: Windows, doors, stairs and balconies on Le Plateau

The green house in the Le Plateau borough of Montreal, Quebec, Canada! photo by Martin-Montreal in Pictures

tree cabin

My parents are spending the night in a Tree Cabin...

Seeking inspiration for luscious outdoor living design? Then enjoy these beautiful images of outdoor living spaces and furniture which might help.

Blue Springs, Florida

Cypress Spring, Florida / The water is so clear. It looks like their boat is floating in the air!