Awesome! Art / drawings / eyes / and a friend have drawn this before

30 Expressive Drawings of Eyes

I love the idea of drawing things seen in eyes-I'd like to draw a demon seen in the eye. "Look into my eyes, it's where my demons hide.

realistic 3d art drops of metal

60 Beautiful 3D Drawings - Easy 3D Pencil drawings and Art works

cool idea, but I'll do more detailed hands and water colors dripping down <I'd probably do that too, the rainbow colors would be more mixed together for me though


Who would like for no one to ever go what he went through again, for this kid to die as a warning for those even more violent, to see twelve hands raised and twelve voices say “guilty”

Blowjob Technik - das Frenulum stimulieren

Alles, was Ihr über die beliebteste Sexfantasie der Deutschen wissen müsst

How to draw an electric guitar | Step by step Drawing tutorials

How to draw an electric guitar step by step. Drawing tutorials for kids and beginners.