every time

Lowering the music when looking for a street address so I can see better.yeah, not sure why I do this. But, I do 😀


They’ll never find it…

how to hide food from boys.my daughter should have done this to hide food from her brother!

All the time!

That awkward moment when you realize they weren't waving at your. ahhhg this has happened to me so much, i just walk away laughing at myself (making me look even more like a retard hahaha)

Now that's funny!

I'll give it a shot but only if I get to be the construction worker.

Hilarious Pictures of the week pics- Think How Hard It Would Be To Dance The YMCA In Chinese


Dumbest Tweets of the year…


That clears all doubts…

Funny pictures about That clears all doubts. Oh, and cool pics about That clears all doubts. Also, That clears all doubts.

This kids going places.

This kids going places. But that's a place. <---- this is hilarious, but I actually think this costume is kind of great.

Because Imgur is obsessed with Tumblr... Part 4



Funny pictures about I Am The Catman. Oh, and cool pics about I Am The Catman. Also, I Am The Catman photos.

This is so true it's sad lol

Teenager Post How can people lift weights? My arms get tired just by putting my hair in a ponytail.