Plug Out Plug Organizers

Neat idea=>Plug Out - cord organizer & electronic organizers. Go green now and don't worry about tangled cords ever again.

Harry Potter Pillows

Harry Potter pillows: perfect for a reading nook along with HP textbook pin. Once I'm back up to speed on my sewing skills I could try to work out the pattern. Need to find a basic DIY pillow tutorial as we'll.

I guess it is like a mood mug, lol

From previous pinner: Monday morning is hard to swallow. Whet your appetite with the Monday Mug, a playful porcelain coffee cup that actually perks up as you do. Me: Another mug for the future coffee rack of awesommeness.

Paw Me a Cup of Tea Set in Cat

I want this so bad! // I love this little tea set. Everything is together so no searching for clean cups. The tea bag/deeper thing hangs from the lid inside and it pulls out with the head/ lid. Paw Me a Cup Tea Set in Cat,

Black Cat Tea For One Set by Miya. Why is the cat tea pot for one?

Totoro // Throw Pillow

Totoro // Throw Pillow, I ♡ this! My friend totoro- watch it.

Frog Round Mug & Spoon Set

Frog Round Mug & Spoon Set

Japanese Gift Market: Frog Round Mug Spoon Set, at off!

Knuckle Duster MUG! For days when people try to talk to you Before you've had your cup of coffee...

I want this, I can't afford a clutch with brass knuckles but a coffee cup, YES. Thabto Knuckle Duster Mug now featured on Fab.

Modernist Bowls by West Elm

Modernist Bowls - West Elm - must have for my kitchen!

Panda Skillet

Panda Skillet - a Teflon-coated, nonstick frying pain with an adorable, unmistakable panda peering from beneath its underside. It would be fun teaching kids to cook using this skillet! "Honey, go grab your panda pan and we'll make some scrambled eggs!