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How to use the Color Wheel to choose paint and DECORATE your Home.

If you have read my “about me”… you’ll know I don’t have a favorite color. I have just one color that I don’t care much about… I am not a big fan of purple. I believe most of us love color, I believe most of us are a little bit uneasy or perhaps …

How to Choose a Living Room Layout According to Your Personal Needs

There are many ways to make your living room work for you and your loved ones while being a beautiful space that makes you want to stay in it for long periods. Learn more tips on living room layouts with this new and helpful infographic from Furnished Up.

How to Make a Small Room Look Bigger: 25 Tips That Work

Great tips and also pretty images of well done decor. How to Make a Small Room Look Bigger: 25 Tips That Work. If you like this take a listen to our upcoming remodeling podcast on What's With The Drama

10 Must Know Measurements For Decorating Your Home

Tip - Decorate By Numbers! Top 10 Tips DIY home decor Model Homes 2012 - traditional - bedroom - other metro - Interior Design Concepts Vera.

Lessons learned in styling a bookcase... such great tips and practical tricks!

Lessons Learned in Styling a Bookcase. tips and tricks for getting those bookcases decorated and stocked