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Fruit, fruit, fruit!

This is a good example of food photography because it brings in another element of art, but still focuses on the food as the subject. The also use the food as inspiration for the make-up of the girls in the photos.

Kitty Earmuff

Some cats keep your head warm; some heads keep your cat comfy. Does this cat make me look fat? Nah, it’s just my cat hat. Everything is easier when you’ve got your thinking cat on. Hmm… now where did I put my cat? Oh yeah, …

Lawless - Now Playing - Watch the trailer now

Nick Cave, Tom Hardy and Shia LeBouf? Lawless - In Theaters August 29 - Watch the trailer now

Oh, Ted.

Third Wheel Costumes- How I Met Your Mother Gray Castillo I'm so doing this next year with you and Gerson! Third-wheeling like a boss.

Vodafone: FreeZone  Off is on!

Print advertisment created by Plasenta, Turkey for Vodafone, within the category: Electronics, Technology.