Coffee punch

I LOVE COFFEE! Have to try this and if its good its going to be added to my party drinks all the time. Mocha Coffee Punch ~ Coffee lovers, a wonderful mocha coffee punch. Great for morning brunches or parties.

Called "Best Dressing" (olive oil, apple cider vinegar, honey, Dijon mustard, soy sauce, poppy & sesame seeds, seasoned salt, pepper, onion, garlic).

Hungry Daddy Website Called-The-Best-Dressing-olive-oil-apple-cider-vinegar-honey-dijon-mustard-soy-sauce-poppy-sesame-seeds-seasoned-salt-pepper-onion-garlic.

Best Toffee Ever - Super Easy

Best Toffee Ever - Super Easy - Chocolate and almonds top off a rich buttery toffee. A simple recipe that you could easily remember and whip up any time. Use any type of nut that you like in place of the almonds.

Parmesan-Crusted Chicken Tenders

Parmesan-Crusted Chicken Tenders

Weight Watchers Recipes, WW Parmesan Chicken Tenders Recipe To Help With Your Diet Plan. WW Plus+ 7 Parmesan Chicken Tenders Recipe.


Authentic Italian Meatballs

Authentic Italian Meatballs -- homemade meatballs that are added directly to the sauce and slooooow cooked, no browning first.

Brooke's Best Bombshell Brownies

Brooke's Best Bombshell Brownies-Literally the best brownies I've ever had. Had this recipe for years and it never fails.

Peruvian-style Grilled Chicken with Green Sauce

Peruvian-Style Grilled Chicken With Green Sauce

Peruvian Style Chicken with Green Sauce @ Serious Eats I love Peruvian chicken and can't wait to try this!


How to Make Porchetta

Pork Roast the Old-Fashion Way (Cast Iron Dutch Oven)

Pork Roast the Old-Fashion Way (Cast Iron Dutch Oven)

Pork Roast the Old-Fashion Way (Cast Iron Dutch Oven) - Very tender roast, wonderful rich gravy. Serve with mashed tatters or French fries. Wonderful as left over for hot pork sandwiches. Ive made this type roast for over 50 years!

Authentic Italian Tomato Sauce.

Authentic Italian Tomato Sauce

Authentic Italian Tomato Sauce: This is a recipe I got from my father who got it from a little old lady he knew from Italy. I always simmer this sauce with my meatballs (recipe posted). You can also add sausage if you like. This sauce is to die for!