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Well, Curbed calls this "absurdly purple," but we're not sure we'd EVER use those two words together! This property is on the market for $2M+, and we think it's just awesome.

Is it time to clear off your countertops? Keeping countertops reserved exclusively for prep is a secret to living large in a small kitchen.

Is it time to clear off your countertops? Keeping countertops reserved exclusively for prep is a secret to living large in a small kitchen.

Wicker pieces are no longer exclusively used outdoors. Bring this natural material inside for a beach cottage look that oozes easy living. A cozy living room with a sectional wicker sofa ties in well with the exposed beams.

Waterfall faucet pouring into a soaking tub.

From pre-funk to cattywampus, these slang words belong to specific pockets of America.

A photo of a watermelon went viral on Reddit last night, but it wasn’t in its recognizable round shape – it was carved into a dragonhead, and very realistically so.

The stairs in a medieval tower remain at the abandoned Chateau de Gudanes, now being restored by an Australian family in the French Pyrenees.

Here's a DIY project to end all projects: Meet the family that's restoring an abandoned French chateau.

"Once it's complete, it will be a fairytale. But we've just bitten in the poison apple and hope to make it out with our lives—and some electricity." Karina Waters' family is restoring the abandoned Chateau de Gudanes in the French Pyrenees.

Exquisite green wallpaper -- made with arsenic in the 1700s. An Australian family is renovating this abandoned French chateau in the Pyrenees.

Mike Hudson chronicles how he built himself an $8,000 home in a van on his blog, Vandog Traveller. "I have never felt more involved than I have in the past 11 months," he says.

Toast sans toaster: In a home that's a converted van like Vandog Traveller's, you don't buy more appliances, you improvise.

Mike Hudson, aka Vandog Traveller, spent $8,000 on a van he converted into a home. Now he's crossing Europe in it. "I've realized how powerful daydreaming is, and how it creates and shapes your reality. I continue to be amazed at how this works."

Joseph Gordon-Levitt just bought this pristine pink-sinked house built in 1940.

Dogged persistence: The same folks who restored L.A.'s last barrel-shaped building also carted this Bulldog Cafe over to the patio.

The interior of the Idle Hour, L.A.'s last barrel-shaped building. (Yep, as a matter of fact, there *did* used to be more! Barrels were just one example of the local novelty architecture -- think the Brown Derby.)

Los Angeles' last barrel standing is back in business!

The wood stove isn't original to Billy the Kid's hideout house -- nor is the kiva fireplace in the kitchen -- but both items fit the time period.