niwakirara Yamada

niwakirara Yamada
JAPAN / 木を植えて花を植える庭づくり I'm a gardener
niwakirara Yamada
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Door in Szentendre, Hungary by Dmitri Korobtsov - beautiful.It reminds me of the secret garden.

Green way

This reminds me of my neighbors front door, now I think she should paint her garden gate to match since she has Wisteria around it. ~~ Love how the color of the door matches the greenery above


White wall with Dark Grey (matches windows) door. With purple climbing vine & verticle herb garden in washed white pine or dark grey planters.


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I love the thought of a home with an old wooden screen door like you see on all the houses out in the country in the movies. The ones that squeak a lil when they open and snap back closed. And it's yellow! I love a yellow front door!