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New way to wear a head scarf! DIY Head Scarf - Wrap the scarf around your head with the middle of the scarf at the nape of your neck Twist the two ends around eachother once Wrap the scarf back down to the bottom of your head and knot with a bow!

If your little ones are looking for the perfect sidekick, you’re in luck. We’ve got tons of stuffed animals and dolls to keep them in good company. From doll furniture and unicorns to ride-ons and baby dolls, these classic toys make the perfect gifts for anyone on your list.

I think I've already pinned 5 things. But I just need to add how stinking cute all these toys are! 😍 One of Bentley's current fav toys is a pink elephant (hey boys can play with pink things too!

I love this easy basic fleece hat tutorial. I love the free pdf pattern that comes with it.

Basic Fleece Hat Pattern and Tutorial

What an easy basic fleece hat tutorial. I love that it comes with the free pdf pattern.

Lemon Yogurt Sugar Mini Muffins

Lemon Yogurt Sugar Muffins

Recipe for Lemon Yogurt Sugar Mini Muffins - With their tangy flavor, moist texture, and crackly sugar coating, these muffins are perfect for a quick breakfast, or a fun after-school snack.

zipper tutorial (German, but the pictures speak for themselves)

Pictorial: Binding a zipper in a pouch bag. Can be applied to any zipper application in a bag. (Choose to translate the page, but pics speak for themselves.

Smie, the sock sloth. Free pattern

Sock Sloth Plushie - Free Sewing Pattern

Sew cute & sluggish looking sock sloth, Smie. It is long sewn from chenille socks, with 3 claws on each limb, big groggy eyes & a sweet smile.

Maskotka własnej roboty - instrukcja

Maskotka własnej roboty - instrukcja

Stuffed Sloths

Lazy Sloth, stuffed animal toy for children Say hello to the cutest-ever stuffed sloths. Should you enjoy arts and crafts a person will appreciate this info!