Yamour Ozturk

Yamour Ozturk

Yamour Ozturk
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Cute shirt just don't cross state lines while wearing it Especially the Red River We Okies hate Texans

Goorin Bros. 'Animal Farm - Whiskers Cat' Trucker Hat on shopstyle.com

Shop for Brothers 'Animal Farm - Whiskers Cat' Trucker Hat by Goorin Bros. at ShopStyle.

Jaded (Pre-Order) | Shady Sluts Eyewear... get some.

Jaded (Pre-Order) | Shady Sluts Eyewear... get some.


Camera from recycled coca cola can. After drinking soda from aluminum cans, you can recycle your soda cans to create interesting projects instead of tossing the empty cans into the garbage or recycling bin.

Great DIY jewellery holder.

Cheese Grater Earring Stand: Paint a cheese grater and hang your earrings on it as a fun and creative way to organize your jewelry! Why didn't we think of this before? Visit your local Habitat for Humanity ReStore to brainstorm repurposing ideas.

Fabric covered cereal boxes as mats for frames

fabric covered cereal boxes for picture mats. who knew? you could use scrapbook paper and modgepodge as well. Trying to think of a neat way to display kids art. Awesome idea for our hallway. Cardboard and I have tons of it from moving.

Print pictures on old book pages. Absolutely Beautiful!

Print pictures on old book pages. Looks amazing. You could use a book that has special meaning with the picture or maybe sheet music. Perhaps you would like your wedding picture placed on your favorite song from your wedding. Would make a great gift too.