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. . . this space for rent.

FYI: I will be moving on Tuesday. My lease is up. The toilet leaks but it has a nice view.

. . . this space for rent.

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Note: It must be an ugly sweater.

Crafting in the Rain: Sweater Hat Tutorial--Kind Of

403: Sorry. You don't have mail. ………….. 405: Sorry. You still don't have any mail.

I "Clicked Here" and all it did was show me how to build a virtual Picnic-Table for my website. What a waste! I want to know how to build a virtual Bar-B-Que grill 1st, Heck, I gotta serve food if I want anybody to come to my virtual picnic.

Restoration Hardware Inspired Dining Table for $110

We are in 7th place but closing fast!

. . . it somehow knows if you folks over there have been "bad or good".

"Hey! My brother-in-laws a vet. They'll take that - won't they?"

"Huh? You can only double-dip legally with a doctor's approval."

". . . I'm almost sure that's a Great White but if you still want to go swimming, just leave me your gun and ammo."

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. - Don't teach a man to fish, and you feed yourself - Hey! He's a grown man and fishing's not that hard."

. . . unless you dance like Elaine Bennett and read only eBooks.

"I just stumped GOOGLE!"

'I don't like country music, but I don't mean to "denigrate" those who do. And for the people who like country music, denigrate means 'put down'.

"What? How come my K-Mart, "Back to School" back pack has only one arm sling?

Ha! Made you blink.

"Ahhhh. . . do you think this is Disney's idea of a - kinder / gentler Tatooine?"

"Ahhhhh .. . do you think this is Disney's idea of . . . a kinder - gentler Tatooine.?

"Ooops. I think we made a wrong turn back there at the glacier ice-field."

Sorry: The Pepsi version didn't pass the "Battery Challenge" taste test.

"No kidding! I can save 15% on spaceship insurance by switching to Geico."

". . . move along, these are not the walkers Disney is looking for."

"Season One"

"Stayin' alive - Stayin' alive. " What do you mean, this is the NEW Disney (Episode VII) theme song?

Warning! It's time to rest your Pinning eyes if any of these 5 pins looks blurry

"Duh! . . . What did you think the Disney Vault would look like?"

Look up "Kind" in the dictionary - and this is the picture you will see.