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. . . this space for rent.

FYI: I will be moving on Tuesday. My lease is up. The toilet leaks but it has a nice view.

. . . unless you dance like Elaine Bennett and read only eBooks.

'I don't like country music, but I don't mean to "denigrate" those who do. And for the people who like country music, denigrate means 'put down'.

"What? How come my K-Mart, "Back to School" back pack has only one arm sling?

"Ahhhh. . . do you think this is Disney's idea of a - kinder / gentler Tatooine?"

"Ahhhhh .. . do you think this is Disney's idea of . . . a kinder - gentler Tatooine.?

"Ooops. I think we made a wrong turn back there at the glacier ice-field."

Sorry: The Pepsi version didn't pass the "Battery Challenge" taste test.

"No kidding! I can save 15% on spaceship insurance by switching to Geico."

". . . move along, these are not the walkers Disney is looking for."

"Stayin' alive - Stayin' alive. " What do you mean, this is the NEW Disney (Episode VII) theme song?

Warning! It's time to rest your Pinning eyes if any of these 5 pins looks blurry

"Duh! . . . What did you think the Disney Vault would look like?"

Look up "Kind" in the dictionary - and this is the picture you will see.

Turn old bar stools into light fixtures and drive your drinking buddies - Crazy with a capital C.

Stretch these cables and we could send messages up to the moon and back. Why? Just to hear the cool echo.

"If you need to make a lot of margaritas, just add your favorite ingredients to your washing machine and let it agitate, add ground ice and enjoy. Martinis work well too, just remember to tell your guests, they are spun, not shaken or stirred.

I use this tamborine when I play in a rock and roll band because I'm not very good.

There they go again. They "knock and run" and then I have to take all the heat.

"Peek-a-Boo - I CU2." (Hey, did you forget I know how to text?)

"No I'm not worried about the charging rhino.. All I have to do is run faster than you."

"I believe what the caption said. Do I still have to put my finger across the middle of the page?"

Yeah, it's a drag. My little brother shot my eye out with his Red Rider BB-Gun.