I am proudly a comic book nerd. I have read them for over 35 years and am passing the love of them on to my son. I also love genre shows, Sci Fi and Fantasy and the like.

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Serenity . . . another one of my favorite sci fi movies. It wraps up the Firefly TV series perfectly.


Star Wars. True story huh @mackie42

I wish I was Darth Vader - 9GAG

All right, I give. I shall make pin dolls.

The Dark Knight returns...his presents by Marco D’Alfonso

the dark knight returns... his presents by m7781 on deviantART

Alex Ross 75 years

Kid Justice League

Venture Bros.

50 Years of THE AVENGERS - Minimalist Character Poster — GeekTyrant

The Teen Titans Theory

One Supe Two Supe Red Supe Blue Supe



Wonder Woman ala Eisner.


Classic Marvel/DC heroes designed onto vintage bottlecaps.

oiled up


Do you need some assistance?

a long time ago...

Nichole Miller Boice make this happen for me please

  • Nichole Miller Boice
    Nichole Miller Boice

    How about for when you turn me some time to practice :)

  • Shane Gerlach
    Shane Gerlach


1920's dream and death

How many can you name in this twisted Cantina Scene?

in the parlor...

Bond films re-imagined with Marvel Heroines.