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Creative Indiana Jones Trilogy Poster Art

Creative Indiana Jones Trilogy Poster Art

Stephen Spielberg's Indian Jones Trilogy Poster - Raiders of the Lost Ark; The Temple of Doom; The Last Crucade

Corto Maltese, almost all of the albums.

Corto Maltese by Hugo Pratt ~ Imagine a world in black and white (cartoon). a world, going to HongKong, into China. traders of tea, murderers and deadly women.

Corto Maltese

Original French Dior Eau Sauvage Perfume Ad, Corto Maltese Comic Book Painting by Hugo Pratt - Hébergeur gratuit d'images

indiana jones hat is an iconic piece to this film and so displaying that in the poster image is really inventive

Corto Maltese - J'avais un rendez-vous, 1994. (aquarelle et encre de Chine)

Hugo Pratt, l'aquarelliste

The Venice of Corto Maltese. Hugo Pratt, "Corto Maltese", aquarelle et encre de Chine, 1964