I am a princess...

I am a princess.Dont think this as prideful or cheesy in any way. Every girl should look at this and believe that they are, by birth, a princess.

don't really understand why they're not in order tho...

Melody is so forgotten that she wasn't even included on the FORGOTTEN list-----Melody's not official because the direct to VHS sequels aren't canon and also her movie is bad.

I don't think so!

I like how they put pictures of Disney women and girls who did things for themselves<-- well technically theyre not all Disney but most of them are so into the Disney board it goes

What Disney Princess Do You Look Like?

Which Disney Princess Do You Look Like?

What Disney princess do you look like? Snow White Your beauty is known all around. You never stop amazing people around you. You find that people are often jealous of you, but that never stops you. Also Snow White looks like Kristen Stewart.


I don't agree with Elsa, Anna, Belle or Cinderella though. Idk who for Anna, Cinderella should be Katherine Heigl or Jennifer Morrison, but Belle should be Anna Kendrick or Alexandra Daddario

Learning By Looking: All Disney Movies In Chronological Order Of When They Took Place - geekologie.com

Funny pictures about Disney Movies Chronology. Oh, and cool pics about Disney Movies Chronology. Also, Disney Movies Chronology photos.

This is beautiful! (New island princess from the upcoming disney movie Moana!)

This is beautiful! (New island princess from the upcoming disney movie Moana!)<<<i always thought this was nani lol

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