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Pallet Dispenser

Yarbrough Industries has designed a simple solution to a stubborn pallet problem - Yarbrough Industries - 514 N. Fremont Ave Springfield, MO 65802 - (417) 869-5344
10 Pins3 Followers - Efficiently straighten stacks of pallets. Using a fork lift, simply drive in, lift up and back out. Pallets will be neatly organized and ready for use or storage.

Pinned from - A simple solution to a stubborn pallet issue is our reservoir. The custom-made safe and efficient vertical reservoir can be a great addition to a Pal-O-Matic to straighten, organize and store pallets or any accessible pallet storage container for fork lifts.

Pinned from - Yarbrough Industries invented a line of pallet-handling appliances, including the Pal-O-Matic, that save companies around the world time and money.

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Yarbrough Industries

Yarbrough Industries designed an innovative pallet dispenser (Pal-O-Matic).

Pinned from - Another video showing Yarbrough Industries Pal-O-Matic (Pallet Dispenser) in action.

Pinned from - Check out the video and watch how the Pal-O-Matic (Pallet Dispenser) can save your company hours and money.

Pinned from - Rusty is waiting for your call to hear more about Yarbrough Industries innovative design of the Pal-O-Matic (Pallet Dispenser).

Pinned from - A picture of Yarbrough Industries Pal-O-Matic (Pallet Dispenser) machine.

Pinned from - Here is a picture of a pallet reservoir. An awesome way to store all those pallets that are laying around your shop.

Pinned from - Yarbrough Industries created a line of pallet-handling appliances; including the Pal-O-Matic. This machine will save companies around the world $1,000's and 1,000's of man-hours.

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