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I like the use of black and white and the sinister feel of the piece.


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This by far one of my favorit drawings! Love the style, and how recognizable it is. We all have fears and this shows in a beautifull way how they can get the better of you... Fear by akirakirai


Emotions by akirakirai on deviantART

supposedly a vampire thing, but I get a snow white vibe, either way it gives me ideas for stuff to make.

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OUR ETERNAL VICTORY IS IN CHRIST. WE MAY SUFFER, BUT WE ARE SAFE IN HIS LOVE: "The presence of faith gives no guarantee of the ABSENCE of spiritual depression; however, the dark night of the soul ALWAYS GIVES WAY to the... presence of God." ~ R.C. Sproul

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Deepening our intimacy with another asks that we deepen our intimacy with all that we are. This requires our wholehearted participation, along with the courage to face whatever we’ve been keeping in our shadowlands. -Robert Augustus Masters

Simplicity. ☽ — when you are my other universe.

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