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Long and Short Vowel Sounds Poster

Long and Short Vowel Sounds Poster. This is the best, most simple visual to convey the idea that every vowel has two common sounds. When reading, try the short sound first, but maybe it's the long. Having a picture in mind will really help the struggling reader come up with the right sound.

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Wahoo - bossy R mixed (or, ar, ir, ur, er)

This game is played similar to Sorry. There can be 4 players. Each student must move both their markers around the board and into their teepee to win. However, when they land on a space they must be able to read the word to stay. Kids love this game!!

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Here is a simple guide to almost every sound your child will encounter. Put it on the refrigerator to remind you what to talk about.

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Love this dice game to practice sight words. Check out the website for everything you need to teach and practice sight words.

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Dolch Kit Game Boards. Create your own board games for free. These are great for practicing sight words. Lists of sight words and flashcards are available on this website. My fav.

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Games for Reading: Playful Ways to Help Your Child Read by Peggy Kaye. I used this book a lot when my kids were little. It's full of great ideas.

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A motivating booklet to teach sight words. When your child completes a list, they put a star in the box. Take it with you everywhere. Practice anywhere!

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Vowel & Digraph Sound Posters

Vowel & Digraph Sound Posters. I love this collection. Print it as a booklet for the child to read alone and/or print it as posters to display as you talk about new sounds.

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Free download This is a fun way for students to practice blending vc and cvc words or even rhyming words. You will need 3 dice and ...

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