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Kahlua Kori Coffee Beverage Recipe / Instead of being served piping hot, the espresso is frozen into ice cubes, and served with milk, corn syrup, and even a shot of Kahlua for a bit of buzz.

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manimmortal: “Good Morning Journal With Beth KirbyA bi-weekly feature by photographer Olivia Rae James documenting morning rituals and recipes, Good Morning Journal looks into how wonderful people lay.

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( Image 1 ) I feel that most deep communication is had on outings that are planned - especially outing that provide a one on one setting where the only object is to talk and listen - such as a coffee date.


pancakes // photo by Hannah Queen Ham and Cheese Crepes Brie and Sausage Brunch Bake Recipe. I could eat them everyday for breakfast!

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I read somewhere that Swedes are the second largest coffee drinkers in the world. After the Finnish (and I am a quarter Finnish so I reckon it runs in my blood).

これを入れるだけでふわっふわに♥"餅入りパンケーキ"にはまる人急増中です | by.S

"Syrniki" - are sweet fried cheese fritters or pancakes , garnished with sour cream, jam, honey, or apple sauce. In Russia they are also known as "tvorojniki". Can be lightened up with low fat Ricotta and light sour cream.